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    DBE certified, Certified by State of Illinois as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
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    A diverse range of directional drilling expertise.
  • RM is certified into the
    Illinois UCP
    Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program.

  • In addition to the DBE
    certification RM is also
    certified by the City of
    Illinois as a Small Busi-
    ness Enterprise (SBE)

  • Family Owned
    Operated Business

  • RM Utility Construction
    specializes in
    underground and
    communication utility


RM UTILITY CONSTRUCTION has 18 years of experience specializes in Directional Drilling. This is a trench-less method of placing conduits without the need to disturb much of the existing surface. At RM Utility Construction we do it all Safe, Fast, and Neat.

Our company, worked by their owners, along with the knowledge, skill and experience of a rig has an important role in RM UTILITY CONSTRUCTION, since the action takes place underground and out of sight. Because each job is unique, our teams are continuously trained in the latest techniques of horizontal directional drilling, fusing pipe, drilling fluids and are certified in confined space and the fusion of the gas line.

construction Our background and experience gives RM UTILITY CONSTRUCTION the qualifications to address customer concerns such as environmental issues and confined areas between structures.RM UTILITY CONSTRUCTION recognizes that the customer is an integral part of our success and development and strives to attain the best possible results in constructing your project.We welcome the opportunity to work with engineers, utility companies, contractors and municipalities in order to demonstrate the tremendous advantages RM UTILITY CONSTRUCTION has to offer.


Installation by horizontal directional drilling provides minimal environmental impact and interference to the project areas in many ways including:The banks and bed of a river or beach remain untouched as if a crossing had never been installed.

  • The water of the affected body of water is not contaminated with ditch spoil as in traditional open-cut crossings, thus there are no adverse effects to the fauna, flora, fishing and hunting activities.
  • Water traffic is not disturbed.
  • Only naturally occurring API Wyoming bentonite (clay) is used in the drilling process to avoid contamination of the environment. No chemical additives are used.
  • Maximum coverage can be given to crossings to highly reduce problems which could occur from future river or wave scour.



Safety comes first at RM UTILITY CONSTRUCTION. By following strict OSHA guidelines and maintaining comprehensive safety programs, we are able to provide a safety record that is unparalleled.