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    DBE certified, Certified by State of Illinois as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
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    A diverse range of directional drilling expertise.


Our diverse range of directional drilling expertise is paramount to the success of our project. Regional experience coupled with our vast array of in-house Navigation Systems as well as the extensive range of machinery, allows RM UTILITY CONSTRUCTION to provide “fit for purpose” custom directional service packages for the most challenging projects.

Our tools and sensors are designed for outstanding performance under severe drilling conditions including extreme temperature, pressure, well depth, dogleg severity, drilling shock and vibrations.

RM UTILITY CONSTRUCTION is positioned to provide an unsurpassed package of customized services to fit your project.

To contact your nearest directional drilling project specialist visit our Contact page.

These installed services include:

  • Telecommunications & Power Cable Conduits
  • Water Lines
  • Sewer Lines
  • Gas Lines
  • Oil Lines
  • Product Pipelines

Directional Boring is used instead of other techniques to provide:

  • Less Traffic Disruption
  • Lower Cost
  • Deeper and/or Longer Installation
  • No Access Pit
  • Shorter Completion Times
  • Environmental Safety

Directional boring ultimately minimizes environmental disruption and is suitable for a variety of soil conditions and jobs including:

  • Road
  • Landscape
  • River Crossings